Our Structure

It must be said that Plaium Montis is the fulfilment of a dream which we are overjoyed to have brought about! We must also admit, however, that it was not an easy path and that this is only the beginning of the adventure ... Nevertheless, we love challenges, especially those that we take on ourselves and which therefore require more effort to succeed in achieving.

Plaium Montis is the entirety of our idea of hospitality because it includes two different structures located in two different buildings: the Porta di Ronca apartment, in the street of the same name and the Palazzo Copeta apartment, in Via Trotula de Ruggiero. Both are, therefore, located in what is called the ‘true’ historic centre of Salerno.

Our personal passion for the recovery of historical sites has found, in Plaium Montis, the ideal place to carry out an enterprise that, of course, cannot be defined as a normal job: opening the doors of one’s house to accommodate strangers is not to everyone’s taste but we are absolutely committed to maintaining the reputation of Salerno as a city that boasts a remarkable position and tradition of hospitality.

Here we are, then, ready to welcome you to the ancient Plaium Montis, already chosen by Prince Guaiferio as his residence thanks to its position halfway between the lower part, closest to the sea, and Mount Bonadies, where the Arechi Castle stands.

2Living room

1. The Monte Bonadies Room - Starting from 49 €

The Monte Bonadies Room, owes its name to the view from the mountain overlooking Salerno and the Arechi Castle. It has two single beds and an external bathroom which is for the occupants’exclusive use.

2. The Room of the Spinosa - From € 59

The Room of the Spinosa, was inspired by the Spinosa Garden, one of the five gardens belonging to the Orti Cinti of Salerno. It is a room with a sea-view and with a bunk bed that transforms to receive four guests.

3. The Mariotto and Ganozza Suite

The Mariotto and Ganozza Suite, named after the protagonists of one of the stories by Masuccio Salernitano. Legend has it that they were the inspiration for the famous Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet. The Mariotto and Ganozza Suite is a 60 sqm soft with terrace and windows overlooking the sea, with a kitchenette that allows you to manage the time and space of your holiday.

4. The Zicardi Sala

The Zicardi Sala living area is the breakfast room of the Family Suite adjacent to the Spinosa Room. It has a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea that you will find particularly difficult to leave!