visitare salerno e costiera amalfitana

Visit Salerno

Thanks to its fortunate position, the Plaium Montis B & B is the ideal place to live and experience small moments of history. It is here that the aristocratic families of ancient Salerno lived and, of course, historical events of considerable importance took place here during the conquest of the principality.

Plaium Montis was chosen by the nobility for the pleasant breeze that rises from the sea, making the air healthy and also for the beauty of the landscape that, at that time, very few families could afford to observe from their homes.

And it is from here that you can start off from for a beautiful full-immersion experience into the history of this city:

  • starting from the Minerva Gardens, you can visit and learn about the ancient botanical garden of the Salernitana Medical School to understand how important this institution was in the history of medical studies;
  • going down towards the Cathedral, dedicated to San Matteo, you will find several very interesting sites to visit such as the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the Roberto Papi museum and the remains of the palaces of ancient noble families;
  • arriving at the Duomo, you must allow plenty of time to visit the Cathedral and the crypt which, thanks to its polychromatic appearance is immensely impressive;
  • walking through the streets of the historic centre, admiring the votive shrines at the corners of the buildings, the small craft activities that have been handed down from generation to generation, or doing some shopping in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, perhaps between a drink and a snack.

Along the Trieste seafront, which is a pleasant walk, you can reach the Masuccio Salernitano tourist pier to take the ferry to the Amalfi Coast or the Manfredi pier with to reach Capri.